Taking a keen interest in art and cinema I started my career in 1992 in Duran, the audiovisual post production leader working with big names in advertising such as Jean-Batiste Mondino, Michel Gondry and Pitof.
Specialized in PaintBox and Harriet I progressed to work in the newly created Duboi studio on their first large cinema production " Les visiteurs " and " La cité des enfants perdus ".
In 1994 Duboi gave me the opportunity of actively participating in the creation of a 3D department; where I worked on several French productions such as " Didier, Taxis, Asterix ..."
Thanks to my knowledge of post-production sofware, skills and experience in cinema work, in 2000, I was able to set up my own company, DHX, specializing in Print.
We worked in collaboration with large advertising agencies such as " BETC, Publicis, Havas ..."
Since 2007 I have been a freelance computer graphics artist working on 3D projects ranging from 3D modeling to photo editing.
Due to my experience and expertise using the major post-production software I am in a position to offer a comprehensive service in the domain of computer graphics.
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